Block 22 & Other Unknown Locations

Map of Block Locations

Block 22, Row 99, Lot ZZ, Space 1000+: Cemetery record keeping systems have changed over the years since Laurel Grove’s first burial in 1855 and information about grave locations and the individuals buried at Laurel Grove have varying levels of completeness and accuracy. Although we’d like to have complete information on every person, there are often details missing, and location information varies based on when the burial was recorded.

Where there are blanks in location fields, we have used default values as placeholders. They are:
Block 22: Any burial listed in ‘Block 22’ is in an unknown or unrecorded location
Row 99: Any burial in blocks 1-11 that is listed in ‘Row 99’ is in that block, but the row is unrecorded or unknown
Lot ZZ: Any burial in blocks 1-11 and in rows 1-14 that is listed in ‘Lot ZZ’ is in that row, but the lot is unrecorded or unknown
Spaces 1000-3181: Any burial in Spaces 1000-3181 is in an unknown or unrecorded space. The assigned space number has no correlation with a location and only serves as a unique record identifier. (For example, Spaces 1000 and 1001 could be in completely different areas within the lot or row)

Please contact the cemetery office if you have questions about the location of a specific burial site.

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If you'd like to part of the team that cares for Laurel Grove Cemetery, there's plenty of opportunity. Whether you'd like to clear brush, help with restoration of monuments, take photographs, get involved in leadership, or just lend a hand, we welcome you! Cemetery work parties are held on the third Saturday of each month. Laurel Grove is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. Please contact us by phone if you'd like to take part in the life of this historic Oregon cemetery.