Chicken Little Seal of Approval

It can be hard to know where to go when you need some help. The companies below are all made up of good folks who I have worked with in some capacity, who provide needed services and whose efforts I support.  A few of them pay me a commission, but they are here because of their integrity, and the commission only helps make it easier for me to keep my business running. In some cases, they offer similar services to mine. I’m OK with that.

I encourage you to check out these folks and drop me a note about your experience with them. I’d love to hear what you think.

Domain name purchases without a lot of hype. Note: ALWAYS spend the extra $ to get domain privacy. You’ll be glad you did.

A Small Orange
Web Hosting services with excellent 24/7 customer service and fair pricing.




Art of Non-Conformity/Unconventional Guides
Chris Guillebeau offers a wealth of resources for changing your life for good. His Unconventional Guides are tasty bites packed with proven wisdom on subjects ranging from making a living as a writer, and travel hacking, to making money as an artist. He wrote an inspiring book called The $100 Startup, filled with real-life experiences from successful business owners who started on a shoestring and then prospered. I often read his stiff when I need a reminder that I can do this business thing.


Itty Biz
Naomi Dunford is a marketing genius, swears like a sailor, and gives away a lot of good solid marketing info on her website. You’ll never be bored with her posts, that’s for sure.


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