Directory of Laurel Grove Burials

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Q and A about people buried at Laurel Grove:

How do I find someone buried at Laurel Grove?
Use links in the right sidebar to find by first letter of last name or use search box.

Is everyone buried at Laurel Grove listed on the website?
Almost all are. There are 4156 burial records on this site, each on it own page. Not every plot has updated information but volunteers are working to update each one with the correct information.

Some names don’t have a photo of the headstone. Why is that?
Not all of the headstones have been photographed, and those that have are being added all the time. Sadly, though, not all of the graves have headstones. Some have been broken or vandalized, and some never had a permanent marker.

I found an error on the site. Who do I contact?
First, copy and paste the URL (web address) of the page where you saw the error into the form below. Then explain what text is wrong, what it should be, and the reason you believe it’s in error. The webmaster will contact you when the issue has been addressed.

I have some information, an obituary, and/or photos for a person buried here.
Great! Please email the webmaster using the form below and we will contact you. Note that we can use digital photos and text only, and that all information is subject to approval.

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Get Involved with Laurel Grove Cemetery

If you'd like to be part of the team that cares for Laurel Grove Cemetery, there's plenty of opportunity. Whether you'd like to clear brush, help with restoration of monuments, take photographs, get involved in leadership, or just lend a hand, we welcome you! Cemetery work parties are held on the third Saturday of each month. Laurel Grove is a non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. Please contact us by phone if you'd like to take part in the life of this historic Oregon cemetery.